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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Struggling.

I am having a really hard time planning for the week today.  My Language Arts block has been a little schizophrenic this year and I am having trouble getting to everything in my plan book (go figure...). I must admit that teaching Language Arts is not my strong suit.  I am a math girl.  And I have definitely been struggling all year just to get through my Language Arts block.  I have wonderful ideas, but I tend to get sidetracked.  You see... I am not used to planning with a TE, let alone six of them.  In my experience student teaching, I did not even see a TE. My mentors used the state standards and Common Core Standards as their guides.  Their combined experiences, professional books, textbooks, and the internet were my guides.  Not to mention, these books are brand new to my school and 2 of the 3 third grade teachers are brand new to the profession.  So here I sit, reading through all of the ideas and activities in my TE and trying to piece it all together.

For those of you that use Daily Five and CAFE strategies, how do you blend those with your basal readers?  Aaaannndd... how do you incorporate all of the amazingness found on TPT? I could really use some help!


UPDATE: My husband had a brilliant idea and suggested that I take a walk or a nap.  I did both and woke up with a new attitude.  I love that man...


  1. I struggle with this at times too, just remember you don't have to do it all, and not every student has to do every activity, I use centers and daily 5 to reinforce what was taught in whole group through the basel, in those centers/rotations there are different activities for different groups of students and ability levels, there is some choice for the student and some times I tell each group which one they are going to do. I use all the TPT stuff and extra things in the TE that I don't do as a whole group as center activities. I don't know if that's helpful or not!!

    1. Thanks for your input. Hearing different ideas definitely does help. I'm a little overwhelmed, but this week is going to be a great week!

    2. I struggle with it too! My language arts block is 90 minutes long so- I start the first 40/ 45 minutes with the district curriculum (we use Harcourt Trophies)- reading the story and working on comprehension. I might use anchor charts or other activities I find on pinterest at this point. I use the last 45 minutes incorporating the Daily 5 - although we don't have time to get to all 5- at the most 3. During this time I let the kids pick which 3 they want to work on and I use pinterest ideas to help with word- work and writing. During their Daily 5 I conference with groups or individuals. Hope that helps!

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