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Friday, July 6, 2012

Major Growing Pains Here...

So I have been on "summer vacation" for just about three weeks now and I'm exhausted! Things have been going non-stop around here and I am definitely feeling some major growing pains. My husband and I both started work as soon as we got back to Southern California. We literally moved on Friday and were at work Monday morning. Because I don't have a teaching job lined up for this fall, I have returned to my previous job of sitting in front of a wonderful computer.

Yup. That's pretty much what it looks like. But, I can't complain too much because it is good, steady work that pays really well. It's just not in the classroom. After my first year of teaching, I knew that I loved being in the classroom, but it wasn't until I began working my regular 9-5 again that I truly came to appreciate my time spent focused on little munchkins.

This week was my first week working two jobs. In addition to my 9-5, I am working as an aide/substitute for a summer school program at a local school district. I am working in a pre-kinder class as well as a Digital Photography class. Talk about worlds apart... But I am loving every minute of it. The more time I spend with the littles, the more excited I am about teaching primary grades. I would love to land in a kinder or 1st grade classroom this year. Working as an aide has it's advantages, especially for a newbie teacher. It's great to see other teachers' teaching styles, room set-ups, and it's been a great way to network with other teachers and administrators. I am hoping that the relationships I am building will help me come hiring time.

Needless to say, working two jobs, I am tired. But I am also happy. I love being back in Southern California (and so does my hubby)!

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